We’re Joel and Shandos, a travel blogging couple from Sydney, Australia. Together, we’re attempting to visit every UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The idea actually came from Joel. He’s always been a history buff and loves to explore historical sites on his travels. You’ve probably heard of other people attempting to visit every country in the world, but we’re not interested in just briefly visiting countries for the sake of ticking them off a list.

World Heritage Journey

We prefer to explore countries in more detail, and the idea of focusing on UNESCO World Heritage Sites fits better with our travelling style. And while many sites are definitely popular tourist destinations, there are also plenty of lesser known ones to explore and consider why they’ve been listed.

So, how many UNESCO World Heritage sites are there? Currently, there’s 1121 sites on the list. Here’s the full list of current sites, order by country, showing which ones we’ve visited.

The majority are cultural sites, plus there’s natural sites and some mixed (both cultural and natural) sites. And each year, UNESCO adds another 20-25 sites.

At every World Heritage Site we visit, Joel has been making a video (with Shandos as the trusty camera operator). Follow along on our Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/worldheritagejourney. Be sure to subscribe to the channel, as a new site video is getting posted every few days!

Additionally, if you’re visiting World Heritage Sites with a dog, checking out Shandos’s blog on travelling with a dog internationally. Our dog, Schnitzel the Miniature Dachshund, has probably visited more sites than any other dog!