World Heritage Sites in Malta

Malta World Heritage Sites

There are three World Heritage sites in Malta. A fascinating blend of prehistoric temples and Renaissance architecture, these historical places in Malta are all extremely impressive. Let’s get started, with the three UNESCO sites in Malta. Megalithic Temples of Malta – World Heritage Site The first of our UNESCO Malta sites is a group of … Read more

Catalan Modernism World Heritage Sites

Catalan Modernism World Heritage

One of the best things about visiting World Heritage Sites is discovering new styles of art, design and architecture, and one of my favourite discoveries has been the Catalan Modernism style. This unique style of architecture, centred on Catalonia in north-eastern Spain, is closely related to art nouveau and dates from the early 20th century. It’s also called Catalan … Read more

8 World Heritage Sites of Eastern Czechia

Eastern Czechia World Heritage Sites

In late 2017, our World Heritage Journey had the opportunity to visit the eight World Heritage sites in eastern Czechia (as it’s sometimes known these days, though still officially the Czech Republic). It’s amazing that there’s so many World Heritage sites in such a small area. These World Heritage sites are all quite varied, with … Read more

On the Trail of Martin Luther (via World Heritage Sites!)

Martin Luther Memorials

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was a German priest, theology professor, and monk. By starting the Reformation in the early 16th century and founding Protestantism (or Lutheranism), Luther’s influence on the modern Christian church is almost beyond compare. There are two fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany that largely or partly feature Martin Luther – read … Read more

9 Best Modern Architecture World Heritage Sites

Tugendhat Villa - Modern Architecture World Heritage

Modern architecture World Heritage sites are surprisingly common. These UNESCO modern architecture sites come in many shapes and styles, from modern factory architecture to office buildings, houses to performance spaces. They’re all fascinating in their own way, and provide an incredible insight into the shaping of the modern world. Read on for the most impressive … Read more

World Heritage Sites of Mainland Portugal

Portugal World Heritage Sites

Portugal is home to an impressive 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Of these, 14 are located on the mainland, while a further 3 are in the Azores or Madeira Archipelagoes, in the Atlantic Ocean. When we visited Portugal as a side-trip to our Spanish road trip in March 2017, at the top of our wish-list … Read more

World Heritage Sites of Andalusia

Andalusia World Heritage Sites

Andalusia in southern Spain has a rich and varied history, which has left behind a fascinating array of palaces, castles, cathedrals and other buildings. Additionally, it has some beautiful untouched landscapes. Many of these sites have been recognised by UNESCO for their cultural and natural significance. On our World Heritage Journey, we have visited all … Read more