World Heritage Sites of South West USA

World Heritage Sites South West USA

The World Heritage Sites of the South West USA are absolutely fantastic. There’s such a great mixture of UNESCO sites here: incredible nature, fascinating culture, and some modern works thrown in as well. It’s a great example of how broad World Heritage Sites can be, as you’ve got some of the world’s most famous locations … Read more

Guide to the World Heritage Sites in Tuscany


Tuscany is one of Italy’s most famous regions. Heart of the Renaissance, it’s renowned for incredible landscapes, rich food, and delicate wine. But there’s also seven amazing Tuscany World Heritage sites! So if you’re curious to know more about Tuscany historical sites, then read on for our guide to the World Heritage sites in Tuscany. … Read more

World Heritage Sites in Denmark

UNESCO World Heritage Denmark

There are many famous landmarks in Denmark: Lego, vikings, gorgeous Copenhagen and the Little Mermaid. But there’s also ten Denmark World Heritage sites, including three in Greenland. There’s an interesting mix of nature, modern and ancient history, so read on for our guide to all World Heritage sites in Denmark! Christiansfeld, a Moravian Church Settlement … Read more

The 7 UNESCO Sites in Sicily

Sicily UNESCO Sites

When most people think of Sicily, they think of red wine, olives, and The Godfather. But did you know there are seven UNESCO sites in Sicily? From the awe-inspiring Mount Etna, to the incredible Roman history of Villa Romana del Casale, to the surprising architecture of bustling Palermo. Read on for our guide to Sicily’s … Read more

A World Heritage Paradise: Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island Scenery

One of the most beautiful natural places that I’ve visited, it’s no surprise that Lord Howe Island has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A tiny speck of an island located off the coast of New South Wales, Australia, it is significant for a number of reasons: as an outstanding example of volcanic … Read more

World Heritage Sites of Andalusia

Andalusia World Heritage Sites

Andalusia in southern Spain has a rich and varied history, which has left behind a fascinating array of palaces, castles, cathedrals and other buildings. Additionally, it has some beautiful untouched landscapes. Many of these sites have been recognised by UNESCO for their cultural and natural significance. On our World Heritage Journey, we have visited all … Read more