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  • New World Heritage Sites for 2019

    New World Heritage Sites For 2019

    The 43rd session of the World Heritage Committee has just wrapped up in Baku, Azerbaijan. And it’s big news for us: a whopping 29 new World Heritage Sites for 2019. That’s…

  • Alternatives to Notre Dame

    World Heritage Alternatives to Notre-Dame

    The world was shocked earlier this year as the treasured Notre-Dame catheral in Paris went up in flames. Notre-Dame in Paris was a key component of the Paris World Heritage Site:…

  • World Heritage Sites of Delhi

    World Heritage Sites of Delhi

    The incredible and chaotic city of Delhi, capital of India, is home to three World Heritage Sites. These three sites are all from the Mughal era of Indian history, and each…

  • World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka

    World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka

    The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. And there’s some great variety here – ancient ruins, important religious sites, beautiful scenery. So read…

  • Denmark World Heritage Sites
    Architecture Europe Nature

    Denmark’s World Heritage Sites

    Denmark is renowned for many things: Lego, vikings, gorgeous Copenhagen and the Little Mermaid. But Denmark is also home to ten World Heritage sites, including three in Greenland. There’s an interesting…

  • Malta World Heritage Sites

    World Heritage Sites of Malta

    Malta is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites. Malta’s World Heritage sites are an interesting mix of modern and prehistoric remains, and all three can be visited in just a…